Why spirituality is the ultimate road? My personal spiritual experience

Our spiritual journeys started a long time ago.

It started at the very start.

We were all one.

But to realize the one, there had to be more.

So we seperated.

We forgot everything we knew.

To know Love, we created fear.

To become light again, we became darkness.

So now we all are coming back home, recreating ourselves in fullest glory.

We are all becoming one again.

It is a beautiful journey back.

It is unique for everyone.

So let me tell you my personal experience of spirituality and what it brought into my life. You are going to find out my personal experience of God and what spirituality is at the deepest level. I also share my view on psychedelics on a spiritual journey, because it is a common question. To make it more interesting, you will find some deep and mystical spiritual experiences that might motivate you.

What is spirituality to me?

We’re all just walking each other home.

– Ram Dass

Spirituality is expansive.

It is unique and personal.

It is about growth and development.

No boundaries.. Everyone can believe what they desire.

But in the end, the goal is always the same.

For me, it is Light.

For me, it’s God.

There are many names for it.

But we all know we are walking in the same direction.

The word God is powerful by itself.

And to say it openly, it was a journey for me too.

I grew up in a catholic Cristian country.

I understood God very differently.

So I believed that it has a story or an image attached to it.

This is where religion contradicts spirituality.

And I did not feel like saying this word at all.

I refused it.

But I found him again, like never before.

I found her with no name or a shape.

But as a whole.

Everything is God for me.

Everything is my personal experience of GoD.

I communicate with him in my words, hearing a bird’s song, enjoying the wind.

I accept her as a light, Love or deepest experience.

Other poele are part of it.

I love God. Therefore I love all.

Spirituality in this life

My spiritual journey in this lifetime started when I met one of my soulmates.

I had my first awakening then.

My mind and body did not know what is happening.

But my spirit was fully open to experience.

I took the momentum and started meditating every day.

And I never stopped.

 I kept adding new things that work best for me.

And like this, I was getting closer to God without even clearly seeing it.

My spirituality has changed a lot over time.

Every year I notice how many new disciplines I have added.

Even every week, I find something else and feel more capable and expansive.

Every day I feel more Love.

Each moment I get closer to home.

It is mostly about inner knowing and inner experience.

This makes me feel more fulfilled and at peace.

But the spiritual journey is not only peace and rainbows, as many of you may already know.

The Shadow part of spirituality

Walking a spiritual path, you heal many things.

You start to heal your mind, body and spirit as a whole.

It is a very holistic approach to life, or even to existence.

And when you start the process of healing, deep things start to surface.

And those things are rarely pleasant.

The more conscious you become, the more you see your.

  • Traumas
  • Your shadow
  • Limiting beliefs
  • Your negative patterns
  • Your programing
  • You start to question everything
  • You start losing friends and can’t communicate with family
  • It looks like no one understands you
  • Loneliness
  • Sadness
  • Felling of being lost

There may be times when you could even start asking if a spiritual journey is for you.

That is why many people run away from spirituality and choose the ‘easier path.’

But I can say, the shadow part is absolutely all necessary.

Because without knowing darkness, how can you know Light?

How can you heal and let go of things you don’t see in front of you?

The brightest Light cast the darkest shadow.

My Spiritual discipline – Sadhana

Sadhana is a significant part of my journey.

Spirituality and Sadhana
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Sadhana – any spiritual exercise that helps to progress to the ultimate expression of life in this reality.

Without spiritual discipline, I would not be where I am today.

I practice every day to grow the fastest.

I am the one who walks the talk.

It was not so easy or comfortable at the start.

I had many questions about it.

And I had to even force myself to do it sometimes.

But every time I did commit, I thanked myself.

It feels I complete myself step by step.

I had hard times and easy times.

But doing my Sadhana, I always felt like moving forward, no matter what.

This is a fantastic feeling.

And it could not be any other way for me.

As I remember who I was before and who I am now.

Even in a year – I am a different man.

I am always improving, always moving forward.

With the help of my Sadhana, I am becoming the master of my life.

Now it is never hard at all to practice my Sadhana.

The Doing becomes the Being.

Doing turns into being

My Sadhana now feels like my natural state.

This is what I look for every day.

It is where I find peace and fulfilment.

This is where I surrender and die.

And then, I get reborn again.

If I miss my Sadhana, I feel incomplete, the day doesnt feel the same.

It became communication with God.

And it is the strongest in Yoga and Meditation.

I always feel the best when communicating with God in one way or another.

It is such a nutural and blisfuls state.

Not the process or means to get somwhere, but the outcome itself.

Sometimes it becomes mystical experiences.

I feel so much energy.

I see so much Light.

And I receive so much healing.

I come back closer.

Breath by breath.

All of this it is all turning into a tantric approach.

In Sanskrit, the word tantra means woven together.

I am aiming for constant contemplation of God, no matter what I do.

I try to fill every corner with own Light.

It might seem extreme, but it can become natural.

ThE word tantra is a vast term, as the practice itself.

We can do something every moment to improve:

  • Talking to friends – feel your words
  • Resting – make it a ritual
  • Having a relationship – put awareness to it
  • Waiting for a bus – do kegel exercises
  • Cleaning yourself
  • Bringing God to your household

Tantra yoga is a household path created for people who don’t have all day to meditate.

What spirituality brought into my life.

The question always remains – how spirituality can improve our lives.

For me, spirituality is life.

We all call it different ways, and we all attach different meanings to it.

We all see different benefits of it.

But spirituality not only improves our spirits.

It can improve everything in our lives.

This what spirituality brought into my life:

  • Love
  • Awareness
  • Kindness
  • Understanding
  • Surrender to the flow of life
  • Health
  • Clear mind
  • Consciousness
  • Compassion towards everyone and everything
  • Sense of constant growth
  • Fulfilment

These qualities bring a lot into my life, inwardly and outwardly.

It balances my mind, body and spirit.

Spirituality can touch all parts of your life, from relationships to your career.

It becomes the easy andnatural state of living life and expresing these beautiful qualities.

My journey of understanding Love

It all started with Love for someone else. But there was no balance.

So later I learned to Love myself.

It soon turned into a different kind – balance Love for everyone, including romantic Love.

This Love has turned into to purest unconditional Love.

It grew out of my relationship to Love for everyone around.

Life soon led me to understand an even deeper sense of Love – divine Love.

I now know that Love is not bound by time and space.

And recently, I was shown the Love of God.

How easy is it to Love God?

How easy is it to see God in everything?

So it should be easy to Love God in everything.

I love you as an expression of God.

I know that Love will only expand.

It always comes back to God

Knock, And He’ll open the door
Vanish, And He’ll make you shine like the sun
Fall, And He’ll raise you to the heavens
Become nothing, And He’ll turn you into everything.

– Rumi

The past six months were very important to me.

The most important was that I have found my deepest connection with God again.

Before that, I did not fully understand why I am spiritual.

I simply saw the benefits of growth, and I kept doing it.

But I did not see where I was acctually going.

Let me share one significant experience that brought me back to God.

I have been practicing the Ashtanga yoga sequence almost every day for some time then.

My partner and I decided to take some psychedelics.

It wasn’t much, so I could grasp the full experience.

I always use it as a tool for meditation.

This time I decided to do yoga.

Psychedelics have raised my vibration.

The energy was high and not stable at all.

Only with my willpower could I do yoga asanas, and only because I was doing them so much.

Yoga helped me to direct the energy to the right channels.

Soon I was experiencing God like never before.

There was no name for him, so I chanted Aum.

My eyes were rolling, body shaking, I felt humbled.

I saw how my all life I was walking direction of God, without even realising it.

I saw how she was always next to me.

And I realized now I am walking a straight line to it.

It is the single most important thing to me.

Nothing else comes first.

Everything else that I have in life I build around that line.

This experience has opened so much understanding in me.

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and now God is my friend

I am as close to God as ever.

I communicate with him every day.

She is everywhere.

And I feel especially close to him in my spiritual practices.

And he is forever expanding experience as I am.

She is forever expanding Love.

I surrender to her.

I trust him.

Opening my gifts and gathering tools

I am so grateful to be surrounded by amazing people.

I am so thankful for my teachers.

And I thank you for all the learning opportunities.

I started opening my gifts by myself intuitively.

It started with gathering wisdom in books and applied it in my way.

And I work with my energy body a lot.

Soon I became good at it.

I started to feel energies around me.

Thus slowly I started my energy healing work.

I realized I could remove lumps of energy in people’s bodies.

I became a reiki master.

It brought me a deeper understanding that everything is energy.

And that I am a vessel and medium for that energy.

I also started my psychic training.

I had two fantastic intuition teachers.

Now I use my intuition and psychic abilities everyday.

Also, I learned to have the deepest soul travelling meditations.

In these meditations, I meet my spirit guides and ascended masters.

I receive guidance and see incredible visions that leaves me humbled.

Now I guide others through such meditations.

And we heal as deep as the soul.

The other strong tool that I use is the shamanic drum.

The drum is healing.

I had such powerful sessions with it.

It becomes true shamanic healing experiences.

It helps to raise the vibration and put us into a deep trance state.

The subconscious mind is surfacing then.

I will share the most potent shamanic session I had

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It is personal, so I will just share parts of it.

I can’t tell for how long I was drumming.

I wasn’t Laurynas anymore.

Instead, I was channelling my higher self for powerful healing.

The person in from of me was shaking.

I was drumming our karma away because it is connected.

When I finished drumming and singing, I started healing.

It all seemed like a psychedelic journey.

We saw things beyond this reality.

I opened a portal in her spine.

Dark fingers were creeping out of it.

It was terrifying.

But nothing else for me to do but to face it.

So I grabbed those fingers and pull them out, shouting:

Show yourself!

A shadow was floating above us.

I have learned before to send him unconditional Love and let him start his new life.

Shadow is a part of Light.

I had many mystical experiences like this. I my share many of them in my future post.

It all led me to a deeper understanding of spirituality.

A deeper sense of spirituality

I have seen things that are impossible to put into words.

From the darkest shadows to the brightest Light.

They were things inside me and outside me – from people to places.

And I saw millions of years of my existence in one second.

There is no way to explain this second.

But it made me realize that who we are here is just the tiniest bit of our journey.

It helped me realize that we already won.

It made me feel relaxed and enjoy the journey even more.

Since we are already walking home, there is else nothing to do but:

Why not make this journey faster and more pleasurable?

Or why not recreate ourselves in full glory, here, now?

Why not help each other?

Why not choose Light?

Our existance is and infite spiral.

Spiral of spirituality
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The spiral can go up and down. (in reality there is no up and down)

But we never stop expanding and growing.

And we never stop going up even if we sometimes go down.

We will rise until we are much bigger than human beings – until we become our own God.

When God became too much to me

Recently I lived through an intense period.

I was praying to God like never before.

I asked him to live, heal and speak through me.

It was complete surrender.

And then God fullfiled my wishes.

But I was not ready at all. It was scary.

As beautiful as it was, there were no Me anymore.

It felt that who I was before could simply disapear at that second.

I was overwhelmed by the power.

And my mind and body were confused by it all.

I had to take a step back because I did not know how to deal with it.

It is paradoxical.

I wanted to step back from God.

But I know God is everything, and this is where I am going.

I am still learning the lesson, but I think it is about:

Growing my balanced phase and not taking too much.


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It is essential to mention the part of psychedelics in my journey.

I would not say it is a big part, but it definitely gave me a lot of understanding.

Psychedelics are like peeking through a keyhole.

Or like a map, but you have to take the road yourself.

I always used psychedelic in a sacred manner.

I use it to raise the vibration.

Plant medicine is God’s creation as well.

And yes, I can say for sure, the more I do the work, the less I am drawn to psychedelics.

Profound experiences now happen to be alone in my Sadhana.

I see plant medicine as a means to heal.

Especially helpful in shamanic practices.

But to reach mastery, it has no use.

To thoroughly explain my view on it, let me share a story.

Two disciples had brought some LSD to their Guru.

The Guru took it, and nothing happened to him.

The students were shocked.

The Guru said it is not even the ti of a needle of what is there.

I believe it too.


So this is my personal spiritual journey.

Well, it is only a tiny part of it.

It is always expanding, forever growing.

As it is the most important thing in my life.

It is my passion, my desire.

It is why I live.

I will keep experience it.

Spirituality has brought many great things into my life.

It made me find peace and feel fulfilled – as in always filling.

I know your spiritual journey is very different from mine.

I know it is as unique and beautiful as everyone else.

So how is your spiritual journey going?

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