5 universal ways to turn growth into self-mastery. Why we need it?

Growth is the only evidence of life.

John Henry Newman

Personal growth is one of the most important things for humans.

Without it, you would not feel like moving forward.

And you would not feel achieved.

Growth is what makes us fulfilled and what makes us wake up in the morning.

No matter how much preference you put to it – it is always there, and there is no escaping it.

No matter if it is a career, meeting more people, reading a book, focusing on spirituality – some level of development is present.

It is up to us how much effort we put into growing and relates a lot to how much we will achieve in life.

For those who take growth seriously, it can come to self-mastery.

In this article, I share what growth is to me and what absolute self-mastery is. I also share the shadow part of growth and what it means at the deepest level. You will find why mind, body and spiritual growth are so important. And in the end, see my tested and practical tools grow exponentially.

Growth through Mind Body Spirit

I have experienced that the growth is most rapid when we combine these three qualities of ourselves and balance them.

Because mind, body, spirit is who we truly are.

When we focus on all three, we encourage other parts of us to grow as well.

If one is lacking, the others will slow down too.

The Mind

It may seem that the mind is in charge of everything, especially if we do not train it.

Yes, the mind is in charge.

But you control the mind.

Therefore, you control all.

So it is beneficial you make an effort to train your mind and keep it healthy.

A healthy mind will be the essential tool for you to gathering wisdom and then putting it into practice.

You can find more about training the mind and the benefits of it here.

The Body

Many people have forgotten the power of the body.

Some focus only on the body because it is the easiest to grasp the results.

But few know the unlimited power of the body and its ability to influence the mind and the spirit.

A fully trained body can make you a well-oiled machine.

You will have the energy and power to do everything in life.

You will find your balance.

And you will have more mental capacity because you will be more balanced as a whole.

As for the spirit, a trained body will open the proper energy channels in your body.

It will not only help you feel the energy in yourself but sense it around you in your body.

This is a crucial component for growth and reaching greatness.

Find more about training the body here.

The Spirit

The hardest to see but the most profound is the spirit.

Either you believe it or not. It is there.

You can see it in the forms of:

  • Emotions
  • Energy
  • Love
  • Connection
  • Empathy

The soul ties everything in us.

I believe that the mind, body and spirit stay even after this lifetime.

But the spirit’s growth stays the most.

It is how we advance as a spirit.

And it is never changing, but a growing part of us.

So let’s connect to our spirit for growth greater than this lifetime.

To find more about connection to the soul, read here.

The true self-mastery

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Many of us walk the path of growth.

But only the brave ones walk the road to self-mastery.

Mastery means dedicating your life to it.

It takes:

  • Motivation
  • Determination
  • Discipline
  • Staying consistent
  • Diving deep
  • And never stopping

Self-mastery is a very holistic approach to life.

Like I mention before, it is about mind, body, spirit, but in a much deeper sense.

Everything must be perfectly balanced.

One thing is to become a master in one skill. It is great in so many ways, and only a few reach it.

But to walk this planet as a real master means to be truly great.

It is about choosing a consistent and single approach to every situation life gives you.

For many masters, they choose Love.

Even in the darkest moments, they chose to love ones who hurt them.

For others, it might be other, but nothing can change their only and most important approach.

I decided to reach self-mastery a long time ago.

I don’t only talk about it. But I do the work.

Every day I spend a lot of time on self-development.

I reach it through meditation, yoga, relationship with everything, reading books, and reflecting.

I focus my mind, body and spirit on it, and I will never stop.

Even when I reach self-mastery, there will still be more to growth.

But more on it later.

The shadow part of self-mastery

Growth is one thing. You may just choose a direction and improve yourself in it.

But self-mastery is a much broader approach and is not only about moving forward.

Sometimes you have to unlearn some things. 

Sometimes you have to kill parts of yourself.

It is about seeing what doesn’t work for you, removing them and making the space for the new.

And it might take a deep look inside yourself that might not be pleasant.

It might bring the ‘dirt’ from you.

These are all great tools for healing and releasing.

  • Releasing traumas
  • Doing shadow work
  • Doing plant medicine
  • Energy healing

Different things work the best for every person.

But we must do it in one way or another.

Releasing is one part.

Now it is time to fill the gap with growth.

Growth and self-mastery in the most profound sense

The journey is never-ending. There’s always gonna be growth, improvement, adversity; you just gotta take it all in and do what’s right, continue to grow, continue to live in the moment.

Antonio Brown

Growth is infinite.

Self-mastery is endless.

You can become Mohamed, Budha, Jesus, or the other great masters.

Everyone can do it, as long as you choose to.

Well, to becomes great like these accended masters probably you choose before coming here.

But here now, you can choose to become the master of your life.

It is not easy or fast.

It will take a lifetime to achieve.

Or even lifetimes.

And when you achieve it, you won’t stop.

Because, there is so much more.

There are whole universes to explore.

There is a whole reality to comprehend.

God is infinite. So are you.

So let’s grow. And let’s master ourselves to be great.

Bellow, I share ways to turn growth into self-mastery.

All of them are my personal favourites and the most effective tools I have found.

1. Meditation

Meditation is absolute for everything in life.

Either you work in a bank or are a professional athlete, it will help you improve.

Here are just a few benefits of meditation:

  • Reduced Stress.
  • Emotional Balance.
  • Increased Focus.
  • Reduced Pain.
  • Reduced Anxiety.
  • Increased Creativity.
  • Reduced Depression.
  • Increased Memory.

These are all scientifically proved.

But meditation goes much deeper, especially in the sense of growth.

I have been meditating for years now.

And I can say it increased my overall capacity to do anything.

It is what makes me feel always growing and expanding in every dirrection.

Now it completes my day. 

It was one of the significant factors in my personal growth.

2. Journaling or other types of reflection

Reflection is part of growth
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Self-reflection is essential to see where we were, where we are, and where we desire to go.

I personally do journaling.

But reflection also can be done by:

  • Painting
  • Recording video/audio/image
  • Talking to yourself or others and taking the time to reflect.
  • Any form of art
  • Capturing the moment

Journaling helped me a lot to grow in the years.

Not only I capture the most critical moments, feeling, events, changes or dreams.

I also let everything out that I need at the moment through words.

I just let the words flow.

Really, it is about seeing your own growth from outside, so it is easier to know what you have to do.

Journaling is a significant tool for my growth.

3. Travelling

Travelling has opened so many doors for me.

For growth and self-mastery, it is not necessary, but it can be a great helper.

Here is how travel will help you grow:

  1. Challenges you
  2. Changes your perspective
  3. It enables you to connect with everything
  4. Cultivates a growth mindset
  5. Improves your communication skills
  6. You learn how to be more present
  7. Adapting to change becomes easier
  8. You gain a deeper understanding of different cultures, values, religions, and ways of life
  9. More confidence
  10. You step off your comfort zone.

Travelling will teach a lot of things.

If you direct your travelling, it will become an even more excellent teacher.

If you travel in the goal of learning from others, you will grow a lot.

Especially if you go to meet teachers of those cultures.

I am now experiencing new ways of healing Mexico.

4. Discipline

Growth takes direction.

Self-mastery takes discipline.

Discipline is really necessary for the most effective growth.

No matter who you are and what you are trying to achieve.

It will help you to move forward always.

It will paint a more clear image of what you have to do.

And it will definitely, in many ways, become easier to do stuff that you have to do.

I would not be where I am today without discipline.

I use it in my business. And I use it in my spirituality. 

Yes, it is not always easy. But when I do it, I feel great.

I feel like I moved forward.

And it becomes easy to keep the momentum.

Discipline was a major factor in my growth.

5. Love

What is Love?

Love is expansive.

Love is growing.

You will never go wrong with Love.

It is either Love or its fear.

I can tell from my personal experience how crucial Love was for my self-development.

Not only you grow on the inside. You grow outside as well.

And the Love itself can be grown to infinite.

So I tell you to form my deepest heart that Love is the best growth facilitator.

Choose Love, and you will never stop growing.

Other ways of growth to self-mastery

Here are some other effective ways to grow.

I put them separately because they might work for some and not for others.

  • Yoga – it might not be for everyone. But if you go deeper – there are all kinds of yoga, from purely physical to reading scriptures or meditation.
  • Reading – this depends on what you read. Also, it is important to put what you read into practice.
  • Listening to podcasts – for some people, it is effective. Some are just not audible learners.
  • Practice – this is obvious for growth. But we cannot apply it to everything. Some things do not demand practice in reaching self-mastery.

In the end, it is what works for you.

You will find a way to master a skill you desire.

You will find a way to grow most effectively.

What I share is my personal approach to growth and self-mastery.

But I believe these tips are universal for everything.

So try it and see how it feels.

Growth and self mastery Conclusion

Growth is one of the most important factors in people’s lives.

With it, you will feel a sense of direction and fulfilment.

There is no real way to escape.

The difference is how much importance you put into it.

So growth will happen naturally.

But to reach self-mastery takes a clear decision.

And it is not going to be fast or easy.

Many times it will even challenge you.

It requires a holistic approach of mind, body and spirit.

Here are my persona ways to grow and keep reaching self-mastery.

  • Meditaion
  • Self-reflection, journaling
  • Travelling
  • Discipline
  • Love
  • Combined with reading books, listening to podcast, practice, and of course, yoga.

How do you grow?

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