The secrets of consistency – 6 ways to practice it

Small disciplines repeated with consistency every day lead to great achievements gained slowly over time.

John Maxwell 

What do you think is common between successful people?



Their life situation?


It could be all of this.

But what about people who were not so fortunate?

How did they reach greatness?

The answer is clear.

They were determined, never stopped and stayed consistent no matter what.

Everyone with such a mindset can become a master in anything.

But how do we train this ability?

And why is it important?

Find the answers below.

In this blog post, you will find out why consistency is essential, when it becomes perseverance and how you can apply consistency to anything in life and train it.

Consistency is perseverance

Success is not final, failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts.

– Winston Churchill

Consistency is essential in reaching our goals, for continuous growth, or even living a happy, fulfilling life.

It can be applied to any area of your life – personal, professional, relationships, health, saving money, creating a dream life.

Staying consistent can be easy in comfortable times.

Or times of life and death situations.

Let’s say you have a job, and you have to go to it consistently.

If you do not do it, you will not earn money for food.

The real challenge staying consistent is when you are on your own, something that is not mandatory for you.

Or something very new for you.

It can be your business, quitting smoking, keeping a healthy diet, running every week, or personal development.

It may even be harder in challenging times when there are many distractions from the outside, or you feel stuck.

This is when consistency becomes perseverance.

Perseverance is the ability to keep doing something despite obstacles.

People who persevere show steadfastness in doing something despite how hard it is or how long it takes to reach the goal.

Why do people give up?

Consistency develops routines and builds momentum.

The only thing that can stop it is quitting.

It can be quitting for a short time or all together.

In any way, it can stop your momentum and badly influence your journey.

People give up for many reasons:

  • Big expectations
  • Lack of patience
  • It gets too hard
  • They only look at the goal
  • They mistake failures for lessons
  • Distractions

The biggest mistake people make is thinking that the path to success is linear.

In reality, it has everything in it – ups and downs, corves, even turnarounds.

But if you keep your consistency, you will always grow towards your goals.

Consistency and the path to success
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  • Don’t be afraid to fail.
  • Become a little better every day
  • Begin to take risks
  • Understand resistance
  • Set clear benchmarks

You have the ability to see anything through.

Below are some suggestions on how to make consistency your second nature.

1. Find balance

This is by far the most important thing to keep consistent in anything you do.

The imbalance can be on both sides.

Try too hard, and you will become exhausted.

Don’t try at all, and you will ultimately lose interest.

I have been learning it the hard way. When I started my online business, I was new to it. I did not know how to find balance at all. I thought I have to keep working and working and working. Up to the point when I felt guilty for not working. Of course, soon enough, I became exhausted and resistant to work. Then being tired, I stopped working entirely for some time. Another side of the unbalance. Only now am I finding the balance between work and rest for maximum productivity.

Learn from my story, and you will keep going forever in the most effective way.

Don’t be afraid to work hard. Don’t be afraid to rest.

Finding personal balance is not so easy. It takes a lot of experimentation and time to see what works for you.

But it is sure worth the effort.

Another type of balance can be found in your feminine and masculine sides.

Balance of Divine feminine and masculine in you

I wrote about these two energies in one of my blog posts.

You can apply these energies to growth, productivity, consistency and work, especially in business.

The divine masculine energy is the doing, the willpower, the logical mind, the ability to force yourself.

The divine feminine is the intuition, the flow, the emotional mind, the ability to step back when needed.

Remember, you have both qualities.

Here is how these would look in harmony.

Sometimes you need to do what you need to do (the technical part). 

At times you need to be creative.

Sometimes you need to force yourself to contact multiple clients. 

But sometimes, you can use your intuition to feel if they are right for you before reaching them.

Sometimes you need to be strong.

And sometimes, you need to be soft.

I call the divine masculine and feminine harmony:

The balance between doing and being.

2. Force yourself

I know this contradicts the previous step.

But this can be very beneficial in many cases for your consistency.

It is especially useful when you are getting started with new things.

Usually, when you start a new project – you feel very resistant.

It is because you are just not familiar with the process.

It can be even a bit scary.

But if you force yourself, you become more familiar with and less resistant towards your tasks.

It slowly becomes a habit.

I know it is becoming a bit unbalanced. But it is a small sacrifice to reach your goals faster.

And you do not have to do it like me. Not till you get exhausted.

So try to force yourself but at the same time listen to yourself.

Monitor your mind, body and spirit.

Ask yourself these questions.

  • Is it just you being lazy today? 
  • Why I am feeling resistant?
  • Why I feel uncomfortable doing this?
  • I want to do something easy?
  • Is there something I could change?
  • Is there something smaller I could do to move my direction?

Or are you.

  • Sincerely tired?
  • Feel stuck with no way out?
  • Need a step back?
  • You do not want to sacrifice something important just for work?

There is one more time when you need a massive push:

Pushing yourself when you are in a downward spiral

You can notice that you are moving in a downward spiral when you are not doing the work for some time now.

You find any reason not to do the work or simply don’t want to.

It looks like you cannot begin.

You get negative emotions just by thinking about work.

But you still feel guilty that you are not doing anything.

It means that you have caught negative momentum – a downward spirl.

You are getting used to not doing the work.

This gets imprinted in your subconscious mind.

The more you stay like this, the harder it will be to come back.

The only way to get out of it is by putting effort in.

Make that hard step to come back to work.

Make the second step the next day.

Continue it, and you will again be moving upwards.

You have to use your strength to get out of that hole so you can be moving freely again.

But again, it is a delicate decision. 

Sometimes you might be resisting work for a reason. Maybe it is sometimes better to quit altogether.

3. Keep Momentum

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A rolling stone does not gather moss.

There is great power in keeping up the momentum.

Imagine a snowball rolling down the mountain. The more momentum it generates, the bigger it becomes, and it is harder to stop it.

The same goes for the work you are putting in.

The more you do, the better, more significant, more quality your work becomes.

Also you become more productive, more effective, more unstoppable.

To keep the moment, you only have to do something every day.

It does not have to be major all the time.

Some days will be one step at a time. Others will be major achivements.

Here are some tips to keep the momentum going.

  1. Do something every day, even something small
  2. Celebrate your wins
  3. Revisit your goals
  4. Plan out your resting time, so you can quickly come back
  5. Learn from mistakes, do not avoid them
  6. Reward yourself
  7. Keep an achievement list

4. Planning

Good planning will be a life-changer in your productivity and consistency.

Quality planning looks like this:

Setting goals

You have to define what you desire to achieve as clearly as possible.

Write your goals down, in your journal, on your laptop, your phone, around your house.

This will keep you motivated, and whenever you find yourself down, look at your goals and feel the importance of them again.

Dividing these goals into steps

Write down a clear path on how you think you will achieve these goals.

Again, the more precise the steps, the better.

This will set an intention and call forth manifestation.

Some steps will be more critical than others.

Some steps you will have to do each day.

Just do something each day for consistency, moving towards your goals.

Planning your day

Planning your day is essential for maximum productivity and consistency.

Daily planning is a habit of most successful people.

Some would even say the thing doesn’t exist in the day if it isn’t planned in the calendar.

I was never good with planning before. But when I started, I noticed a significant improvement in my work life.

An excellent tool to plan your day is google calendar.

What I recommend is also getting a simple whiteboard.

It is simple but effective. Create it for your convenience. Change it freely every day.

But most importantly, put it where it is easy to see and follow.

a whiteboard is an excelent tool for consistency
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Keeping track

Keeping track is another of those extremely beneficial things.

It will keep you accountable and inspired.

It will show how much you have to go and how much you have grown.

Do it daily, weekly or any amount of time.

 Also, for big tasks or smallest achievements.

And if you feel sad or stuck, look at how much you have achieved already.

Create work rituals

This is another good way of planning and consistency.

And for many, it may sound much more appealing.

Create various productivity rituals throughout your day.

Let’s say you wake up, make coffee and generate some new ideas.

Then later, set aside a few hours for some deep work.

After that, maybe lunch and some rest followed up by some more, less demanding work.

In the evening, have some time to relax, rewind and reflect on the day.

You can be creative as you wich, personalizing your rituals and making them suit you for your needs.

5. Finding accountability friends

There is some magic when more than one person comes together.

It can bring the best in all of us.

Accountability buddies help each other to stay committed and consistent.

It is a prearranged agreement between two or more people to show up for themselves and others.

It will keep you engaged, motivated, and positive seeing everyone’s growth.

But it can also be a sound support system when things get tough.

Accountability friends agreement can look something like this:

First of all, make an unbreakable agreement.

Every week you meet together to discuss your productive week.

You should be motivated by each other’s achievements and feel that you do not want to disappoint each other.

To take it further, if a simple agreement isn’t enough (usually happens with friends), make a bet.

Always follow track, help and motivate each other.

A perfect example of this is runners. Some runners have each other’s shoes. So they are motivated to show up, not to let another person down.

6. Inspired action

This one is not what you can force yourself to do.

But inspired action can be beneficial to reach your dreams.

A big mistake is to think that inspiration will last forever. This happens only on rare occasions.

What you must do is act on your inspiration as soon as possible.

Because even in few minutes, it can be gone. 

Take the inspired action now.

And it doesn’t have to be a whole project.

If you even take small steps, a start, make an honest effort, it is a huge win.

If you cannot take action now, at least try to capture it as well as possible:

  • Make a convincing note
  • Film a video of yourself
  • Make a promise to yourself or someone else

Let’s say you desire to write a blog. Why not register a domain name?

It will set you in the momentum of your dream and can help you stay consistent.


The last thing to consider is patience.

Patience goes hand in hand with consistency.

Sometimes you have to stay focused even if nothing makes sense.

Sometimes you have to do what you have to do.

At times the only way out is to push through.

This may require the best in you.

You already know there is nothing you cant do.

And the more you do it, the easier it gets, and the closer you get to the finish line.

Read more about patience in my previous article.


Staying consistent can change your life no matter what you trying to achieve.

No matter if it is health, career, relationships consistency is a trait of all great people.

And you do not have to be talented, because those who persevere always win.

Here are some ways to always keep the ball :

  • Find a balance between doing and rest
  • Force yourself when needed
  • Keep the momentum going
  • Plan everything
  • Find some accountable friends
  • Take inspired action
  • And at last, always have patience

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