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I am Laurynas and I am here to help

I am here to help you balance your mind, body, and spirit. This is the key to your well being. It is a wonderful way to become more in harmony with yourself. It is a definite way to start living the life you deserve.

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If you have been thinking to take full control of your life, you came to the right place.

You might wonder how will I help you?

By assisting you on your path of self-improvement. I will share practices, tips, and insights, that over the years I tested myself. It is going to take hard work, form both you and me. But the best thing about hard work is that it always pays off.

Furthermore, I want to build an online community, where we would trust and help each other. A community, where I could provide valuable service, and listen to its needs. A collaboration where everyone will benefit.

In the blog, you will find posts about love, spirituality, consciousness, health, sexuality, relationships, happiness, mindfulness, food, and more. You can explore posts that will help you grow and achieve your highest potential.

Why Me? Why this blog?

There was a time when I felt lost. Even then, I understood I have to improve myself. More so, when I reached the lowest point of my life, I knew I had to push through and work even harder to develop myself. Those hard times made me much stronger. It also started a snowball effect on my self-development. All the hard work I put into myself paid off. And it paid off exceptionally.

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God blessed me with an endless ambition to improve myself, and everything else followed. I became conscious of how I live my life. I started doing powerful spiritual practices. Not only I gathered a lot of information from various sources, but I have applied that knowledge. I acknowledged my flaws, my mistakes, and my traumas. Learning from them, I healed them. I became more focused and goal-oriented.

I have started working on my body. Listening to my body’s needs has helped me to get in tune with it.

I started training my mind. Having a clear focus, I proved to myself that when I put my mind to it I can achieve anything.

I have connected to my soul, my spirit, and my emotions. I am whole. Something is guiding me to the best places, experiences, and people.

Freedom came into my life. Love came into my life. I have gained power in my life.

We have a healthy, enlightening, and deep relationship with my woman. I have a lot of time to do my Sadhana – daily spiritual practices.

I am committed for life and I won’t stop. My mission is to improve myself and help those around me.

About LAurynas

Laurynas Adomaitis is Lithuanian. Throughout his life, he went in many different directions. Scientific based mind in early life led him to earn a bachelor’s degree in Banking and have a career in a Bank. But such life was not for him. A desire for more freedom in life led him to study computer science.

The searches were over when he had started practicing Yoga. Laurynas is on the way to become a yoga teacher and more. Lithuanian man lived and worked in 6 different countries and traveled even more. Forever, gathering valuable life experiences and wisdom, inspiring people around him.

Currently working, traveling, and experiencing Canada. He is working hard to create his freedom. Always dedicated to growing consciously.

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