9 tested ways to train your Body

The human body is the best picture of the human soul.

-Ludwig Wittgenstein

We only have one body in this life, so it is our job to make the best of it. Love your body, and it will become the best instrument to achieve perfection. But if we do not take care of the body, it might become our biggest problem. 

The body is an indispensable vehicle for life, the bridge between the outer and inner worlds. Sensory experiences are the way we get to know the world around us. But it is not the only way how we interact with the world. We experience life through mind and spirit as well.

The body is a complex structure of organs, bones, muscles, nerves. We cannot do much without our bodies. With the help of it, we move in life. We choose what we want to do, what image of ourselves we project. The body is temporary because it is subject to death. But one lifetime is enough to realize our bodies, realize our purpose, and live it. 

In this post, you will find tested tools to train the body and keep it healthy. A trained, healthy body is the best vehicle to navigate through life’s journey.

I write this article to remind us of the power of the body. A healthy body leads to a healthy self and a healthy harmony between mind, body, spirit connection.

1. Nature and sun

Nature is healing. It brings us closer to where we came from and who we are. 

Nature balances us and our hormones. It brightens our mood, boosts our immune system, fights stress. A walk, bike ride, or jogging outside is a great exercise. All the fresh air that we breathe is healthy for our bodies. We start using all our senses when in nature. It is so beneficial for our well-being.

Connecting to nature connects us to our bodies
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Nature helps us connect our mind, body, and spirit.

Sun is important for happiness. Have you ever noticed African children that have little, but a lot of Sun? They always look like the happiest human beings. When we get sunlight, we will sleep better at night. It is also the best source of vitamin D. It is important to get sunlight in moderation.

I am a part of nature. I feel the best and most natural there. A walk in nature while getting sunlight always makes me feel great. When I hike or ride my bike in the forest, it puts a big smile on my face. All the sounds, sights, smells of nature. Nature is my home. I feel so much love for our planet. 

Humans need to connect with nature! 

2. Yoga

Yoga has countless benefits for our mind, body, and spirit. I put yoga in this post because I am most familiar with hatha yoga that focuses on the body’s physical aspect.

Yoga is a system, and if we follow that system, we will progress. Ancient people spend thousand of years perfecting this system so we can benefit from it.

Hatha yoga is an eightfold system:

  • Yama [moral codes]
  • Niyama [self-purification and study]
  • Asana [posture]
  • Pranayama [breath control]
  • Pratyahara [sense control]
  • Dharana [concentration]
  • Dhyana [meditation]
  • Samadhi [absorption into the Universal]

Following the Eight Limbs of Yoga, you can reach Samadhi, which is freedom and enlightenment. Samadhi is the highest form of human consciousness. There are different levels of Samadhi.

I practice hatha yoga as much as possible. I realized it as an effective tool for my spiritual development. The benefits I experience are countless. It healed my body. I became strong, flexible, full of energy. Now I am in tune with my body, and I can listen to its needs. Hatha yoga trains every part of my body. I feel balanced and centered. It gave me so much control in life. My mind and spirit benefit a lot too.

Most importantly, Hatha yoga grows my willpower. Sometimes it is hard to make myself do yoga, but my will is now stronger. When I do it, I thank myself. I feel so much better after that. 

This yogic system gives me the power to change my life, to live my dreams, to inspire others. I feel like a well-oiled machine, walking trough life confident and knowing where I go.

Yoga has the power to improve our lives.

You will see more posts about yoga in the blog later. It’s a fascinating subject to me. It is a path I follow.

3. Exercise

Any type of exercise is very beneficial to the body and mental health. It gives us more energy, motivation, drive. Exercising will make us physically stronger by growing our muscles and strengthening the bones. Some forms of exercise make us more flexible. It improves blood circulation helping blood to carry oxygen through the body. Our sleep improves. Just avoid exercising before bed as it wakes up and energizes the body. Exercise is also beneficial for sexuality.

There are many types of exercise. Some build strength, endurance, some flexibility. Different people want to train their bodies differently. I prefer workouts that work all parts of my body. That way, I feel balanced and more in tune with my body. It builds my stamina the best. I love outdoor exercises.

Exercising sometimes feels like hard work. But we can keep the body active without too much effort. Here are some simple ways to exercise the body without doing a real workout:

  • Go for a walk
  • Exercise for a few minutes when doing something. When waiting for food to heat up, do few push-ups. If you do it consistently, it will build up.
  • Skip the car and walk the distance
  • Dance is a big part of my life. It is a good workout and way to know your body and just to release emotions.
  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator.
  • Sex is also an excellent form of exercise, with many other great benefits…

The benefits of regular exercise are countless. You need to find out what you want to achieve and what works best for you. When you start exercising regularly, it will keep getting easier, and you will feel better and better.

4. Food

Food is essential to keep the body healthy. It provides calories and nutrients that are needed for energy to be active. Nutrients also are the nourishing substance that plays a role in the growth, development, and repair of the body.

We become what we eat. Therefore, the food we eat can be our enemy or best friend. The right foods for you will make you healthy, full of energy, light, happy. When you eat the wrong foods or too much: you will use a lot of energy for digestion. You will feel heavy and slow. It may lead to health problems.

Every person needs a different diet according to their body type. You will never go wrong with eating organic, easy to digest food. Also, there are foods full of nutrients that everyone would benefit from eating.

Food is important to keep the body healthy
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These are just a few examples of superfoods:

  • Hemp seeds – the number one food you should include in your diet. It is rich with nutrients, provides full protein, and is high in fat. Hemp seeds with shells help digestions and cleanse the body.
  • Nuts – are rich in fiber, protein, and necessary fats. It is important to eat nuts in moderation. 
  • Dark chocolate(without sugar) – It is a rich source of nutrients and antioxidants(reduces the risk of diseases). Dark chocolate promotes brain function, especially when combined with water.
  • Spirulina – is a seaweed. It is rich in nutrients. It has everything we need, but vitamin D. Spirulina gives energy and boosts metabolism, also cleanse your body. It is beneficial for men’s health.
  • Turmeric – is an incredible spice. The benefits of it are countless: from increased antioxidants to improved brain functions. Hindus believe that turmeric decalcifies the pineal gland. Tumeric is most beneficial when heated up and consumed with black pepper. It can become your best aid when you get sick.
  • Blueberries – These berries are incredible in keeping us healthy. They boost our digestion, helps with weight loss, make us feel full. It is another beneficial food for men’s health.

Following this: an excellent trick in changing your diet is not removing, but including foods in the diet.

I have been putting a lot of attention to my diet. Eating healthy keeps me active and healthy. I experimented with what works for me. Now I know what food I need for optimal health.

I was lucky to live on an organic farm for some time. My body never felt so great eating organic food. It was not only rich in nutrients but also full of positive energy. My goal is to grow organic food in the future.

Our body is a temple.
 We have to choose wisely what we put into that temple.

5. Fasting

Fasting is becoming more and more popular. Science has proven the countless benefits of fasting. It is a willful refraining from eating food.

It is natural for humans to fast for some time. When people did not have easy access to food, their bodies had to fast/ wait for food. Even the word breakfast consists of break fast.

When we fast for long periods, our body does not receive nutrients, and it switches to breaking down toxins in the body. Also when fasting for at least 2 days, the body does not use the energy to digest, so we get more.

Here are just a few of many fasting benefits:

  • Balances hormones
  • Boosts muscle growth
  • Induces cellular repair processes
  • It is beneficial for our brain
  • Improves metabolism
  • We absorb nutrients better
  • Promotes longevity
  • Forms of fasting will give us energy

There are different types of fasting. Intermittent – when you eat for selected hours, then fast (eat for 8 hours, fast for 16 hours). Fasting when you fast for one or more days. Dry fasting, the most extreme form of fasting, where you do not even drink water.

Fasting is great for our minds. It makes it clear. I noticed I meditate better while fasting.

6. Rest

Our bodies need quality rest to keep going. Rest recharges the body, gives that moment of peace to catch up.

These days, in a productivity-based society, we often forget the importance of rest. But quality rest makes us even more productive, motivated, balanced, and may give us new ideas.

When we do not get enough rest, the body can get fatigued. The brain functions will suffer, our mood will change.

We need to be responsible and take the rest we need.

Rest can come in many forms. You can treat yourself in the spa, get a massage, have that power nap, spend some time with friends and family, or meditate. How much rest we need depends on who we are and what we do. You need more rest after physical activities.

7. Water

Water is life. Up to 60% of the human adult body is water. That alone shows the importance of water to us. 

It helps to flush out waste from the body, regulates body temperature, helps brain function. Water boosts energy, helps the skin, improves blood, digestion, and protects organs.

Not drinking enough water might give us a headache, loss of energy, oxygen in the body gets reduced.

It is also important not to drink too much water, especially in a single go, because it can lead to water intoxication. 

What water we drink is also important. Water contains various minerals. It should be odorless and tasteless. Unfortunately, in many countries, tap water contains fluoride. Have you ever noticed the difference between drinking tap water and water from a natural well? 

Water can store information. Dr. Masaru Emoto from Japan has conducted interesting experiments with water. He played different music with different emotions to the water and froze it. The actual molecular structure of water changed, and water froze differently.

I have done some experiments with water myself. Approaching water with gratitude and love, sometimes chanting a mantra to it, I feel how it rejuvenates me more. I also Drink from a copper vessel that positively charges the water.

Always remind your friends to drink water.

8. Pushing your body over the limit

It is a great way to test yourself.  Pushing the body consciously: shows that you have control over yourself, which leads to control over life. It teaches us to withstand unpleasant situations – being uncomfortable is the best way to grow. We train the body faster, with better effects. You start proving that you can surpass yourself. It shows the power of the mind over the body. 

For me, pushing myself over the limit was always important. It boosts my growth and improves my will. The best experience of overcoming my body over the limit was tree planting. I had to do it every day. It generated so much growth in me. I knew if I push myself hard one day, my body will become more used to it, and the next day, it will become easier. The next day I was pushing again. That is how I was successful in treeplanter.

While pushing ourselves over the limit, we need to know when to stop. We have to know your body and sometimes make that decision to avoid injuries and exhaustion. 

9. Grounding 

Hugging a tree is a good grounding
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Grounding has countless benefits: including better sleep, reduced pain, feeling more connected to nature. You feel centered, balanced, less tense, stressed, sleep improves. It helps overall health.

What is grounding?  Grounding is direct physical contact with the electrons of the Earth. Our planet surface is charged with electrons, that can go from the ground into the body. Scientific research has revealed positive factors of grounding.

Grounding is walking barefoot outside or sitting, laying on the planet earth’s surface. Another great way to get grounded is to hug a tree. There are even grounding mats that replicate the electrons from the earth: (I tested one myself with incredible results).

Our current lifestyles made grounding less accessible. We walk on concrete, wear rubber shoes, do not get out to nature often.

I walk barefoot outside as much as possible. It gives me that connection with the ground and massages pressure points of the soles naturally. Chinese medicine has known the importance of these pressure points a long time ago. I believe barefoot walking adds to keeping me healthy, but also it just feels much more natural to me.

There are many other ways to improve the health of our bodies. The thumb rule to eat healthily, be active and rest. We should also not damage our bodies by intoxicating, exhausting the body, and we should avoid stress.


Keeping your body healthy should not be hard work. Be active, choose what you eat, have enough rest. But, if you want to perfect your body, you will have to put in the work. It should not always be hard: consistency is the key. Nothing happens in a moment. But if we keep loving our bodies, nourishing it, training it, giving our bodies enough rest, it will pay. It gives us energy, health, and awareness of the body. You start living as a powerful and confident personality.

A healthy body leads to a healthy mind and spirit.

Check out my last blog post about the mind:


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